Japanese Home Cooking Class

Traditional Japanese foods are delicious, beautiful and healthy! We use many kinds of seasonal ingredients

We want to share our special recipes with you that have been inherited and served in our family. These are very simple and easy to make. It takes from 20 to 40 minutes. We especially put importance on the fact that you could make them when you go back to your country.

After we cook delicious dishes, we hold a food tasting. At that time, we are looking forward to exchanging about traditional cuisine, your story and country. We serve very fun cooking time and mealtime.


● Cooking time 11.00am - 12.30pm
● Mealtime 12.30pm - 13.30pm
● Fee 6,000 yen plus tax
● Participants 4 people


You can choose from among the four classes at the bottom.
We welcome you to book family members together!

1. Hand made Udon class  6,000 yen plus tax

  • ● Hand made Udon (Udon is delicious eaten warm or cold.)
  • ● Cawannmushi or Japanese omelette
  • ● Japanese dessert shiratamadanngo or Green tea agar (eat with brown sugar syrup and soybean flour)


Q. What is Chawanmushi?

A. Chawanmushi is a custard-like dish containing shrimp, chicken, mushrooms, vegetables, fish cake etc., steamed in a cup.

Q. What is Shiratama Dango?

A. Sweet rice flour called shiratamako is used for Shiratama Dango.It's very easy to make..and fan.

Manga Hand made Udon

2. Desert class  6,000 yen plus tax

  • ● Shiratama zenzai (sweet rice-flour dumplings with red bean sauce)
  • ● Rice-flour dumplings(green tea and fruit juice flavours with roasted soybean flour and brown sugar paste)
  • ● Buckwheat flour yokan(sweet bean paste jelly)
  • ● Green tea kanten with roasted soybean flour or brown sugar paste
  • ● Green tea


Q. What kind of food is Kanten?

A. This jellylike food is made from seaweed. There are three types of this; a bar and powder.

Q. What is Soba Yokan?

A. Soba Yokan is Buckwheat bean paste jelly.Yokan is Japanese sweet bean paste jelly.It is usually molded into long rectangles and sliced when eaten.

3. Tempura class 6,000 yen plus tax

  • ● tempura
  • ● soba-noodles
  • ● sushi rolls(You can choose whatever fillings you like - and whatever fillings you think will go well together.)
  • ● Chawan-mushi(a custard-like egg and vegetable dish steamed in a cup) or Japanese omelette


4. Okonomiyaki class 6,000 yen plus tax

  • ● okonomiyaki (savory pancake with various ingredients)
  • ● deep-fried chicken
  • ● miso soup


Q. What is Okonomiyaki?

A. Okonomiyaki is a causal Japanese food cooked on an iron griddle. Its main ingredients are wheat flour, eggs, vegetables, meat and/or seafood. A mixture of these ingredients is flattened and shaped into a round shaped and cooked similarly as pancakes on the iron griddle.
The word"Okonomi"means"your choice"and"yaki"means cook or grill. As this wording suggests, wide variety of styles of "Okonomiyaki" dish is available throughout the country – the famous ones, Kansai style and Hiroshima style.
Kansai style "Okonomiyaki"is the most common, with the base made of wheat flour, eggs, and often"Nagaimo"(Chinese Yam). Typical ingredients such as shredded cabbage, green onion, pork,shrimps, and others such as "Mochi" and cheese are added to the base, mixed well and fried on both sides on an iron griddle.

Japanese Tradition Experience Class

We have a Japanese tradition experience class for international travelers. You learn about Japan from Japanese staff. You don't need to worry about if you have never experienced them because they teach you very politely. There are also Japanese who are interested in communicating and understanding people who come from other countries.

We prepare special souvenirs for people who will book for both cooking and experience classes. 


● time 14.00pm - 15.30pm
● Fee 4,000 yen plus tax for each
● Participants 8 people


You couldn't choose class types.

  • ● Shuji(Japanese Calligraphy)
  • ● Origami
  • ● Ikebana(Japanese Flower Arrangement)
  • ● Nichibu(Classical Japanese Dance)
  • ● Gama-kuchi Purse Making(Gama-kuchi is a Japanese purse with a metal clasp. We use various types of kimono's cloth when maling a Gama-kuchi.)

Special Course

Original Paper Lantern (Limited to 20 lanterns)

Please write your favorite letters in calligraphy on paper lantern.
You can take home your lantern (except for electric equipment such as light bulb).


● time 14.00pm - 15.30pm
● Fee 5,000 yen plus tax for each

Please contact me.

Important Information

We accept reservation from our website. Also, you can reserve by sending an e-mail. ( We welcome you to book family members together.

  • ●Schedule

    Japanese Home Cooking Class (11.00am - 12.30pm)

    Meal time (12.30pm - 13.30pm)

    Japanese Tradition Experience Class (Optional Class) 14.00pm - 15.30pm

  • ●Payment

    Paypal (Credit card) paypal

    ※All of price are the price without tax(Cooking Class, Japanese Tradition Experience Class and Language Exchange Class etc)

    ※All of classes are reservation-only.

  • ●Cancellation Policy

    We require 2 days cancelation notice prior to your scheduled arrival, otherwise we will charge you a cancelation fee as below.
    50% of your total amount will be charged if you do not notify us about your cancelation or any changes by the days before your scheduled arrival.
    100% of your total amount will be charged if you do not notify us about your cancelation or any changes on your scheduled arrival or No show.

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